We all know that Jesus came to this world to die for the salvation of our souls. He died for each one of us so that we can have eternal life.

Did Jesus die on the cross in obedience to God the father first and then for love to us, or did Jesus die on the cross for love first and then in obedience to God the father?

Some times as Christians we see our self forgiving those who have hurt us in someway as an act of obedience to our God father; and we do this because the word says that we are to forgive seven times seven… so we forgive.

It was not until few months ago that I realized that most of the time I forgive in obedience and not so much in the love I should. Many years ago I experienced losing my job because someone wanted to set me up for failure. At least I felt that way, so I quit. That following year I decided to prepare myself to establish my own business and I also took time to read the bible page by page; one after another….me and God every morning.

A year after I realized that it was God’s plan for this change in my life to happen. I realized that I would have lost my family if I had stayed on that job. It was then that I felt compassion for that person and I forgave her completely in my heart, but not in love. I have to confess that I felt so much peace afterwards. After that situation I have encountered many other situations where I have forgiven out loud, before God over and over again….but not in the love I should. Sometimes I feel a little love after a while and sometimes I don’t. I am sure that if I was to forgive in love I will experience a great relief. It is a spiritual battle to do the right thing.

Most of the time we cannot forgive in a human love; we need to try to forgive in the love of God and make a commitment to do so for us, the peace we will have not to mention the immense relief we will experience.

Jesus was perfect. Jesus did die on the cross in obedience and in love. One act was not greater than the other one.

I plan to work on the skill, ability and/or gift from God of forgiving in love. It is going to take time and commitment, I am not perfect. One day at the time, one situation at the time. That is all I can do.


The Widower

A fellow professional asked me to help her with some of her customers; I accepted to help her with 3 files and that is the way my story begins. She came to my office to answer questions and provide documents. Her eyes were sad and she was very disheartened. I interviewed her, and then the moment came for me to hear the story. Her husband died 8 months ago. He died in the month of March. In the month of December of the previous year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He only had three months with the family before he was gone. Not enough time. He has been working for American Airlines; he was stationed in Miami while she and her two youngsters lived in Orlando. For years he spent most of his time over 400 miles away, and he would come home on his days off. She is now losing her home which was the reason why he was working so far away; he worked for the stability of his family. She feels guilty that she did not get to spend enough time with him. She realized that the house was not worthy; nothing was worthier than his day to day companionship. Too late, he is not alive anymore. Now she has to proceed with the sale of what was at one given time The Family Home. With some money from a life insurance policy she bought another property, a much smaller property. God gave me the opportunity to meet someone who needed a friend; someone who can make her laughs and introduce God to her. It took a year to process the sale of this property. During this year we met many times; I was able to bring God to the conversation every time we met, encourage her to find comfort in the word of God and visit a church. We had the opportunity to pray together at my office in few occasions. Her son was already part of a good church, but she was not participating in her son’s relationship with God. How do you explain someone that has lost the love of her life and the father of her children that God had a good plan, a perfect plan for her? All I was able to do was listen, understand and be there for her; to softly bring the love of God to our conversations. I found myself also making her laugh, hugging her and loving her. After a long term of processing the sell of this property, I successfully finished with the grace of God. By this time she was happy, convinced that she came to my office because of a divine appointment that was set up by God and no one else. Later on I found out what God actually had for me with this appointment. Before the month of December when her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, American Airlines had an open Insurance enrollment for the year and gave the employees the opportunity to enroll on the life insurance policy. It was then he decided in the month of November to acquire a large enough life insurance policy, which was exactly enough money to supplement the needs of the family for the year, to purchase the new property cash and to repair the property before moving in. It was time for her husband to leave this world; we all have to go. The word says that God knows our needs before we have them. God knew that she was weak and He promises to glorify himself on the weak. God confirmed to me once again that there is always a plan. God always knows.